Montserrat Bosch


Mercè Molins 

Mobility manager

The Framming People 

Our teachers are mobilized around all these innovative and collaborative projects !

  • Joan Naqui  - Teacher of Technology 

  • Jose Maria Jaime   - Teacher of Technology

  • Mercè Molins - English Teacher

School presentation

Institut Escola Municipal de Treball (EMT) is both a high school for secondary students from12 to 18 and a vocational school with several specialities, which range from mechanics tobusiness administration.

The school has a long tradition in our town, Granollers, where it was founded more than 90 years ago as a vocational school for teenagers who wanted to learn a trade. The school is public and run by the Town Council, with a unique agreement with the Catalan Department of Education. At present it has more than 1500 students and 114 teachers.

It is a non-confessional and integrating school that encourages the formation of students in the values of tolerance, respect and dialogue and in the framework of a plural, inclusive and democratic society. It is also characterized by its link to the local and regional environment and its relationship with the world of work.

Catalan is the language of learning and instruction and our students finish their studies with a high command of Spanish, too. The first foreign language is English. Moreover, French and German are taught as optional second foreign languages in Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) and Post- Compulsory Secondary Education.

International projects

Our school facilities offer high-quality teaching and training programmes:


  • Conference room with audio visual and multimedia equipment

  • Sports hall with a gym and changing rooms

  • Schoolyard

  • Canteen

  • Library

  • Most of the classrooms are fully equipped with audio and visual equipment

  • Wi-Fi available in the school building

  • 1 music room

  • 2 technology classrooms


  • 8 computer rooms with Internet access

  • 1 multimedia classroom  workshop

  • Laboratories: science, chemistry, microbiology and clinical analysis

  • 2 industrial automation rooms


  • 2 technical drawing classroom

  • 1 automotive workshop

  • 1 ambulance

  • 2 electrical workshops

  • 1 computer room with AutoCAD program

  • 1 room equipped with emergency medical Equipment


  • 1 machining workshop


  • 1 multi-purpose room


We are committed to improving the quality of our courses by extending international mobility programmes in order to increase the employability and competitiveness of our students as well as to enhance their linguistic competences.

In the last few years we have participated in some European mobility programmes both in secondary education and in vocational training studies. Our centre has recently applied for some Erasmus+ KA102 and KA103 projects in the field of VET and participates with your institution in the collaborative Erasmus+ project KA219.

Future partnerships are also engaged, thanks to visits of foreign teachers and students from other European countries. The quality of each international project is the result of a close collaboration between tutors, teaching staff and the international coordinator.

School facilities

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