Let's Eurobot 


Christèle Sauder

DDFPT (France)

Mercè Molins 

Training Manager (Spain)

This project will allow an open-minded view on the modern world of robotic. It will promote collaborative work and how to communicate in foreign languages.

Vitorrino Michelutti

Training Manager (Italy)

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Words from the Students

Project definition

"Let's Eurorobot together!" is an Erasmus + collaborative project between 3 countries, France, Spain and Italy.

Thus, we will promote the collaboration between  students from different countries and cultures, social cohesion and the exchange of ideas and suggestions.

They will thus have the opportunity to learn how to program their robots with the members of their groups  and their efforts will be rewarded.

Some numbers...

These key numbers will give you some information to better understand our project:

  • 3 countries

  • a 2-year project

  • 4 international teams 

  • 2 teams composed of 2-5 or more students from each school.

  • 12 robots will be the final product of the project

  • different challenges

  • 1 final competition


The Organization

  • Every team will have several tasks to follow. They will be given some technical instructions and rules to overcome different challenges with precision, swiftness and skills in a circuit.


  • Then based on the technical specifications: creating the trials and the robots to accomplish the challenges.


  • There will be many trials on every parkours that every robot will have to do with precision, swiftness and skills.

The project

The goals 

The impacts


The organization



Italians discover robotics

January 20, 2018

First robotic trip for the Italians. 

A new adventure begins now, come now for discovery it with us. 

The epic journey for the French team

January 20, 2018

A trip full of rebounding. We let you discover the journey of the French team.

Next departure on January 21, 2018!

The students are ready to leave, butall trips must be organized. The teachers of three founfing countries of the program offer us their Schedule.

Students meet for the first time by Skype session. 

This is an opportunity for them to talk about different aspects of the project and especially to start ti build relationships.

I let you discover, our teachers after two intense days of work for the implementation of the project "Let's Eurobot Together"...

Seminar of teachings from 3 diffrents countries : France, Spain, Italy in order to set up the "Let's Eurobot Together" project. 

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