5 European Countries  !!


Marie Gajdics

Referent Germany

Christèle Sauder

Referent France

Javier Costa

Referent Spain

Jeanette Bolin

Referent Sweden

Balazs Dekovics

Referent Hungary

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The program 

Words from the students

Through this project, we wanted to implement a real approach to design, development and realization of flexible housing models.

The project

Genesis of the project : The report is without appeal, European countries are increasingly expériencing an increase in internal or external migratory flows creating an urgent need for housing.

This phenomenon has a strong impact on Germany, FRance, Spain, Sweden and Hungary.

More information here to know the real needs of these countries.

We have therefore decidend the teachers, of these 5 countries to create a Trans-European program to find solutions so that the right to housing, which is an indispensable human right, is achieved in all countires in descending conditions. 

The goals

FLAgSHIP, is a two-year project that responds to new housing oppotunities and ains to design flexible series homes. 

All project partners are committed to designing a flexible residential solution, adaptable to the needs and climatic conditions. 

Our ultimate goal is to create a concept of serial housing construction.

Added value for students

This type of project will allow students to create a real paletteof skills through self-exams, exchange with students and teachers with specific skills and technics. 

The aim is to promote Learning groups in their relevant and higly qualified skills and compétences, in order to become in dependant and matrure Citizenq in a world in constant evolution. 

The Events 


Students Mobility in Tenerife, Spain

February 24, 2018

Seminar from 5 différents countries : Germany, France, Spain, Hungary, Sweden in order to set up a trans-European and collaborative project for the pupils of each high school. 

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