The impacts:

            Let's Eurobot Together  !!

The reason of this project

  • It promotes technical studies.

  • It gives the students the opportunity to get to know more about robotics and technology in an engaging way.


The short-term impact...

This project will develop basic skills and cross-curricular competences using innovative collaborative methods and digital integration. It will also promote cooperation, learning and exchanges of experience at a European level in order to take advantage of the talents and backgrounds of each student. This project will promote student communication in foreign languages and also open up to another way of working and develop a new knowledge for teachers. This project "Let’s Eurorobot all together" will allow an opening on this modern world of robotics which is ours and which keeps evolving.

The long-term impact...

The impact of the project on the participants and the high schools will continue well beyond the duration of the project by creating lasting relationships through students' exchanges.

The project will contribute to develop a European dimension in the long term and promote the cultural development and awareness among our students.