The Program :

                              Project FLAgShIP!!

Feb 25, 2018

Ténérife - Espagne

First session of the project (February 26 to March 2, 2018)

Student Mission :

- Presentation of a project logo

- Presentation of the school degree and the region 

- Regional and national survey

- Green Audit  


Goal of this session: 

20-minute presentation on the housing needs following the surveys, and the green audiat previously carried out. 

Apr 21, 2018

Duisburg - Allemagne

Second session of the project (April 22 to 28, 2018)

Students Missions : 

- Analysis of the climates of each region.

- Analysis of materials according to the climate. 

Goals of this session : 

20-minutes presentation with possible model on the subject of experimentation of different insulation materials and their effectiveness depending on the climate (presentation of the climate of each region). 

Nov 10, 2018

Gyor - Hongrie

Third session of the project (November 11 to 17, 2018)

Students Missions  : 

- Studies of existing heating and ventilation systems for each actor of the program. 

- Studies of water arrivals according to local conditions. 

Goals of this session : 

20-minutes presentation of the choices on the heating/ventilation and arrivals of water according to the local conditions with model if possible. 

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