The collaborative creation of robots will be carried out in teams. Different groups of students will achieve the design and making of the robots. Once the robots have been built, the students will program them in collaboration. So they will be able to face different challenges and then a final competition will be held to choose the best one. In this project, Arduino motherboards, sensors, motors, transmitters and signal receivers will be used. They will work on the information chain and the energy chain.

This project will promote transdisciplinary work with technology, mathematics (programming algorithms), foreign languages (Spanish, French, Italian, English) to describe the tasks and the process. It will also foster the cooperation between the teachers in charge of each activity, the project coordinators, the heads of studies, etc.

We propose a competition between 4 international mixed teams formed by students of the three high schools. This way, each class in each country will be divided into 4 groups (A, B, C, D) that will work with the other groups in the other countries. These 4 transnational teams formed by 2,3,4 or 5 students (depending on the total number of students per class) of each high school will collaborate on the design of the robot, the manufacture of the mechanical and plastic parts, the assembly and in the end the programming. The final competition will allow to check the relevance of the participants’ choices . Approximately one hundred students will participate in the project over the 2 years.


Therefore we will promote the collaboration between all students from countries of different cultures, social cohesion and the exchange of ideas and suggestions. In the same way, cooperation will be strengthened with teamwork to achieve the same common goal, reinforcing the relationships between the high schools. Each of the four teams will produce 3 robots, one for each country. This will allow all students in each high school to be able to use the 4 robots that have been jointly designed and built. They will thus have the opportunity to learn how to program with their classmates. A total of 12 robots will be manufactured and only one will be awarded.

The Project :

                  Let's Eurobot Together !!