Daniel Ladaurade

Headmaster High School La Prat's

Christèle Sauder  


The Framming People 

Our teachers are mobilized around all these innovative and collaborative projects !

  • Lempereur Corinne - Professor of engineering sciences

  • Sanchez Pedro - Professor of engineering sciences

  • Cambos Sandrine - Spanish teacher

  • Brière Delphine - Spanish teacher

  • Boullay Laurent - Professor of Physical Sciences

  • Jarry Jean-Louis - Professor of Mathematics

  • Dubois Emmanuel - Professor of Mathematics

  • Joubert Emmanuelle - English teacher

  • Chauvot Christelle - Teacher librarian

School Presentation

The wide choice of exploration courses and options, the organization of support for all students, the class structure, the quality of the premises and educational facilities, the vast green spaces, the welcoming boarding school, The many activities offered by the School Life and the MDL are all strengths of the high school that will allow you to give the best of yourself.

High school on a human scale, La Prat's helps to promote human relations and student / personal relationships: each student can thus find the listening, the help, the support, ideal conditions for the success of their course.

This is why the school obtains every year excellent results at the baccalaureat in all sectors. its results in the preparatory class PT are regularly at the top of the national list making of high school a reference and the Technico-commercial section of his BTS also scores flattering.
Welcome to your high school

Life in school

La Prat's high school offers a number of sectors, activities and infrastructures so that students can best live their schoolyear in high school.

High School House
The BTS spaces
Spaces reserved for technical sectors
Student home
Intern dormitories

High school courses
General Baccalaureat: ES, L, S
Technical Baccalaureat: STID2

Higher education streams
BTS technical commercial
PT bank competition preparatory classes

Many associations
High School Show
Music Festival


On se déguise
Prix littéraire
Petit robot
Espagne 2016
Seance ratatouille
Defit robot
Atelier moulage
La section euro en voyage

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Opening Time

From Monday to Thursday : 8 am -  6pm

Friday : 8am - 5pm


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