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Corinne Lempereur

Professor of Engineering Sciences 

Promote language Learning in technology training. 

Pedro Sanchez

Professor of Engineering Sciences

Valuing technological training

Sandrine Cambos

Spanish teatcher 

Improving transdisciplinary language-technology work 

The project

2015-2016 : Opening of the Spanish European section with language certification to promote languages within scientific and technological fields and European openness.

The organization of these 2 hours of teaching is done in collaboration between the teachers of Spanish and engineering sciences by working on the reference system of technology and the topics of studies.

These specific hours are set up on the SI-STI2D technology sections using technical documents in Spanish with practical activities to enable the discovery of specific vocabulary across different topics in Spanish.

The goals

Educational goals  :

  • Learning to know each other.

  • Share information and experiences, improve knowledge of another country and discover other ways of living in Europe. This promotes a spirit of tolerance and cultural openness.

  • Improve students' communication skills in Spanish and French.

Added value for students

Establishment of joint activites in Spanish :              


Programa año:

  • Temática 1: Ahorros de energía et fuentes de energía alternativas (eólico, solar, mareomotriz, hidráulico,......).

  • Temática 2: Arquitectura, los distintos materiales, la sagrada familia, Gaudí...

  • Temática 3 : La casa inteligente, la domótica

  • Temática 4 : Robótic

Linguistic exchange

From 2015 to 2017 a partnership with the high school of Granollers for technological development has been created. This participation with the Granollers IES Carles Valbona High School in Catalonia (suburb of Bacelona) was done on a robotic challenge.  

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