Transnational Meeting in Duisburg, Germany

Meeting : From November 15 to 17, 2017

The transnational meeting is to bring together all the faculty members of the 5 countries participating in this program in a single place to establish the different missions of the students for the next 2 years, while defining the pedagogy that their will be associated. This meeting is crucial for the success of the project.

The people present

All the actors of this project met at the FAL in Duisburg, Germany.


Corinne LEMPEREUR, Professor of Engineering Sciences


Catherine GIRBIG, German teatcher


Javier COSTA, English teatcher

Rosa Linares, Professor of technology

Antonio Cruz, Professor of technology


Jeanette Bolin, physics teacher

Lars Bjork, physics teacher

Ulf Edstrom, Professor of Architecture


Lena Steinberg, English teatcher

Marie Gajdics, Professor of architectural construction and mathematical

Lisa Schlueter, English teatcher

Adriana, Professor of Economics


Balazs Dekovics, History teacher

K.Tsandor, Professor of technology

Henriette, English teatcher

Tasks of each country

France : Schedule management

Germany : budget

Spain: dissemination

Hungary : Quality assurance

Sweden : Risk management

A follow up of the project will be done every month, with Skype or WhatsApp.


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