Second transnational meeting in Granollers: 25- 26th January 2018

Teachers, mobility coordinators and principal meet together

During the first mobility in Granollers in January we had the opportunity to hold the second transnational meeting, so all the teachers, mobility coordinators and principals of the three high schools ( Lycée La Prat's in France, CNPD in Italy and EMT in Spain) involved in this KA219 Project "Let's Eurorobot together" met together and could talk about the next mobility in Italy as well as the whole development of this project.

It was a great time to discuss a variety of topics, see our students' robots, collaborative work and improvements and visit the city of Granollers and its city hall. And of course we could enjoy the traditional Catalan food with the best company ever!

#transnationalmeeting #Granollers

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