Let's program!

We went to Italy in Cividale del Friuli from March 18 to 24, 2018. We landed in Venice in the afternoon of March 18 and then we went to high school by bus with the Spanish students. We ate in the high school and met our host families.

About the visits:

On Monday, we visited Cividale, which is steeped in history. On Tuesday, the Spanish and French students went to Venice to visit the city while the Italian students went to class. On Wednesday, we went to visit the Laboratory of Advanced Mechanical which is an academic laboratory. On Thursday we visited a mosaic school. On Friday we went up to the mountain to get to Castelmonte, a small monastery.

In addition to this, we shared good time with the Spanish and Italian students.

About programming:

In Italy, we programmed a robot to follow 3 parts of a course:

- A bridge made by the Spanish team, on which the robot must do a complete turn on itself and then leave

- A circuit with a black band created by the Italian team, which the robot must follow

- A maze, designed by the French team in which the robot must move to get out of it.

At the end of this course, the robot must launch a music using a buzzer.

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