Benvenuti in Italia!

Second mobility week in Cividale del Friuli, Italy (18- 24 March 2018)



On Sunday, 18th March all the 9 participants and the 3 teachers met at 9:00 a.m. at Granollers-Center train station to take the 9:30 train to Barcelona El Prat airport.

Once we arrived we checked out our luggage and we had breakfast. Then, at 13:25 we took the plane. We arrived at Venice airport at 3:10 p.m. and we had to wait 1 hour for the French team. The bus picked us and took us to CNPD high school. The Italian team welcomed us at the school amazing hall and the coordinator told us a little about the history of the school and the city. Later we enjoyed a great buffet with pizza and some traditional desserts of the region and then we met our host families. Finally we had dinner at home and we went to sleep.


Monday 19th March was the first day that we officially stayed in Cividale de Friuli. In the morning we went to the school, they showed it to us and we worked on programming the robot from 8 to 14 with a break to have breakfast at 11. At 14 o’clock we had lunch at school and we had some time to rest. When we finished, we went for a walk around the village and the Italian participants explained us its history. At 18 o'clock everybody went with their host families and at 19:30 we had dinner all the Erasmus students together in a very good pizzeria.


On Tuesday, March 20, we visited the city of Venice with the French participants. The day started very early in the morning as we woke up at 6 o'clock to be at 7:15 at the train station. Then we took the train that was going to Udine and when we arrived, we changed the train and took another one that took us to Venice. The journey in total lasted for 2 hours. When we arrived in Venice we wanted to go to the toilet but we saw that we had to pay 1 euro per person to use it. After this, we toured around the city: there were many bridges and many stalls where products for tourists were sold as magnets, masks of the phantom of the opera and football shirts. The visit ended when we arrived at the sea where there were many seagulls and pigeons.Then they left us an hour free and as we wanted a kebab we went back the way we had done. As it was very far we arrived a little late and we also had to eat the kebab along the way. The kebab was worth 4.20 euros and was half as small as in Spain. Finally we took a boat called "Vaporetto" that gave us a tour around the canal and left us in front of the train station. We all ended up exhausted and some fell asleep in the train.


We spent Wednesday morning programming and assembling robots, testing and trying to get the robot to follow the circuit until lunchtime. Then we went to a factory-laboratory in Udine called LAMA. This company is specialized in 3D printing and manufacturing metal parts made from aluminum and titanium blocks. At the beginning they explained us the different parts and sectors of the factory and the installations that it had. They told us what each machine was doing and, in the end, they showed us some manufactured pieces made by the machines we had seen before.


On Thursday morning we visited the mosaic school of Spilinbergo, where we saw some this amazing art, students all around the world in their classrooms and even some of them showed us some of their beautiful and handmade works. We also had the opportunity to interview a Spanish student who is learning there. Later we had lunch at the school, a very good rissoto, and in the afternoon we worked again on the robot until 6 o'clock. Afterwards walked around the city and went to eat pizza to celebrate Polina's birthday.


Today we went to Castelmonte, a really quiet place with astonishing views. We entered in the church, saw the Virgin Beata Viegin di Castelmonte and the photos of people who almost died and wanted to thank the virgin to have saved them. On our way back to school we went until the border with Slovenia to visit the other school, had an ice cream and go back to finish all the work. In the afternoon we showed our robots in front of everybody and the Italian press! Each team gave a presentation and the robots had to follow the circuit: go up a bridge, follow a curve, go through a maze and finally danced to the rhythm of a song. In the evening we had a farewell dinner at CNPD.


Our mobility in Italy came to an end. After a week of hard working, programming a lot and getting to know beautiful and amazing places we said goodbye to our Italian host families and friends. We hope to see you again in France!