Bienvenue à Cluny, FRANCE

Last mobility in France: 3- 9 June 2018

The last mobility in France was very good, although it meant the end of the project, it was the start of a great friendship. We really got on well with everybody.

We were very pleased and welcomed by our French partners, host families and teachers in this project since they received us very well and we felt at home. From September until now we have been collaborating all together and we have learned a lot, not only about robots or foreign lanaguges but also other social and personal values such as cooperation and tolerance.

The food and atmosphere of the high school Lycée La Prat's surprised us positively. What disconcerted us most was the fact that almost everyone lived far from the school and the meal times are very different because in Spain we have lunch at 15:00 o'clock and here at 12:00, we have dinner at 21:00 and here at 19:00 !!!

The funnest thing was when we ate a Kebab and Tacos in the park and we played football, we rolled down hill.

We still can’t believe all the opportunities and experiences that we had in Cluny:

- We visited a horse show and the abbey of Cluny:

- We walked around Lyon and we could see amazing views from the very top.

It is said that time flies when you're having fun and in France it was literally, because it was the first time we have flown on a small plane!

Jaime's dream to be a pilot became true!

What’s dangerous man!

And of course we also worked really hard for the final competition and we tried the best French food ever!

Thanks everybody for this great opportunity and time in France.

We do hope to see you soon!

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