Cluny 2019 - the challenge


We met at 11:00 in front of our school and we went to Venice airport.While we were waiting at the gate,fortunately, we realised that we were in the wrong one and we went in the right one in time. Once we were on the airplane we waited 30 minutes before getting on board.

After one hour of flight, we watched the breathtaking “Monte Bianco”, we arrived in Ginevra where the French teachers were waiting to take us in Cluny.

At 8.30 all the families came to take us home.They were very welcoming.

Sunday 2nd June


The next day everyone was with his family.

In the morning, for example, I had a big breakfast parents had bought at the bakery. After that we went to the top of a mountain from which you can see a breathtaking view.

When we were back home we had lunch with grilled meat and typical French tomatoes. In the afternoon we rested in our own room and before dinner we played with Wii.


Instead after I spent the morning settling in there and reading a book, I visited an abbey near Burgy, where I was hosted.

I also know, for example, that Lorenzo and Enea went to the lake with their respective guests and the mates. A funny guy called Albin, pushed them in the water. Ester and Debora went to a fun fair, while Cristian spent all the day playing boarding games.

Tuesday 3rd June

On Tuesday we went to Lyon to visit an exposition pertinent to 3-D printers and their different applications. It was very interesting, because we discovered a lot of new applications of this type of technology that can be used to build almost everything, like little objects or statues, prothesis for the body or even houses and part of cars!!

In this image you can see the result of a simulation about the use of a 3-D printer to build a house

Speaking about the use of this type of printers to create parts of the body, there is a project that wants to make the technology be able to build synthetic skin for the people who needs, like the ones involved into accidents.

In this picture you can see the first part of the process that build the synthetic skin.

After that, we went to the “Park de la Tete d’or”, an enormous park in Lyon, to eat the packet lunch that school gave us. We were very impressed by the lake of the park because of its size. The food was a little strange but not so bad.

After lunch we visited the old part of Lyon with a touristic-guide. We were divided into two different groups and it was funny to meet around the city the other mates with the other guide.

The things that have impressed me the most during the visit were the Traboules, the secret passages between the streets of Lyon


After the visit in Lyon, we took a coach to go back in Cluny, but, because of an accident, we had more than an hour of delay, so we arrived late, around quarter to seven.

After that, everybody went home with his French mate.

Monday 4th June

We woke up early for being at school at 8.00 ...even if we started work at 9.00.

We started working on the robots while the French teacher showed the Internat(Convitto) to the students who would sleep there. At 12.00 we went to eat and , after a break ,at 2.00 we returned to the lab. From 2.00 to 4.00 , divided in groups, we made a game to discover the school. We had to

  • find the characteristic and historical places and some information of the school;

  • take two pictures , one of the most representative thing of France and the other of the most original or unusual thing

  • - and finally, in mixed couples( for example one Italian and one Spanish student) we had to make some poems using acronyms in which language we wanted. Later we wrote them on a billboard. It was a beautiful experience.

The representative places of the school and of France (in my opinion)

the acronyms


At 4.00 we worked again on the robots until 6.00. Now someone went home. Gabriele ,Camille, Giulia, Debora,Mateo and I ,who stayed at school, at 7.00 went to have dinner and then to take a shower.

the fantastic view from the canteen of the school

the fantastic view from the canteen of the school

At 8.00 , after the roll call, given that until 9.30 we were not allowed stay in our room ,we went in a class room and we played cards all the evening .

The day passed better than I had thought. It was an awesome day !!

Wednesday 5th June

I woke up at 6.40, I did breakfast, I had a shower and we left to take the bus for the school in Cluny. Arrived at destination I greeted my friends and immediately we went to the classroom where our dear robots were waiting for us. At once we started to work, unfortunately we had some problems but in spite of problems we made progress. For example, we noticed that the wheel servo motors turned with two different frequencies and we had to calibrate them. Another problem was the fact that there was no stable and common wi-fi network ,therefore we had to use the hotspot generously given by our French colleagues . After all it was a hard day ( we worked both morning and afternoon) but it was satisfactory because we improved our robot and above all we made new acquaintances with the other participants in this project

At 8.00 , after the roll call, given that until 9.30 we were not allowed stay in our room ,we went in a class room and we played cards all the evening .

The day passed better than I had thought. It was an awesome day !!

Thursday 6th June

Thursday the 6th of june we began the day visiting the Town all and meeting the mayor of Cluny, after a little walk we arrived at the hall. During the meeting three students from different countries explained the project with a practical demonstration.

Returned to the school we took a bus to go to the little city of Macon, where a touristic plane was waiting for us. There were three planes which could hold a group of four people.

After seeing the wonderful landscape, we took the bus and returned to school where we had lunch.

In the afternoon we visited the remains of what was the enormous abbey of Cluny, which had the dimensions slightly less than the abbey of St. Pietro. After two hours visiting the abbey, we stayed until 5:30 pm in the main stable in Cluny observing an equestrian exhibition.

In the end were returned home and we spent the rest of the day with our partners.

Friday 07/06

The challenge day; stress and craze were everywhere; we had only one day to start and finish the programming of the robots (in fact our teachers said to us that each robot of each group should have taken part into the challenge, doing two parts of the entire track that is divided into six parts: arm, bridge with music, follow-line, maze, maze with app, arm and bridge with app); they added we should have spoken. Thus we were really scared. All these feelings increased in the second part of the day, that is after lunch (that was at twelve o'clock). I was one of many that would make the presentation and everyone was so anxious that you could see anxiety everywhere around you; at the beginning the challenge should started at two p.m.. At a quarter to two, we realized that we were missing the French guy that hadn't started to study his part of the presentation: panic! We didn't know what we had to do! After a few minutes, he arrived apologizing for a misunderstanding: we thought that at two p.m. we only should have met and that this hour wasn't the hour of the challenge. After that, the start was delayed by half an hour. A few minutes before the beginning, a French girl, that was also in our group, came to check how the French guy and I had prepared ourselves; at the end, the girl helped us calm down ourselves. The challenge starts. As we were the third group, we had a bit more time So the first group started: during the arm part the gripper managed to pick up the object but during the descent, it ”threw” the object; after the robots did correctly, more or less, all the things, but they didn't manage to complete the maze and in the sixth part, the one with the app and the arm, the gripper break down: a piece of it was separated by the other because the construction of the gripper. Now it's the turn of group two! The only difficulties that they had were with the ultrasound sensor and with the arm with the app. After that it was our turn. We had some problems with the two mazes; in the second we hit the walls of the maze many times. We managed to do all the ”programmed” track (all the parts without the app ) with only one robot. what about group 4? . The beginning was repeated many times because of problems with the battery but in the end, they did almost everything. After was the prizegiving: at the fourth place the group one. At the third position the group four. At the second rank the group…………………two. We were very happy because it meant that we were the first group; in fact, we gained the first position.

At the evening there was a buffet in the canteen of the school with the teachers, where most of the students played cards.


This day was a very peculiar and various day, because all the students were all the day with their French mates and with their families, so all the students had a different day and various experiences.

I think that the only common thing that all the students had this day was the time of the waking up, which was certainly later than the other days.

Personally speaking, my day was very funny, in the morning I went to a place where I saw the rally, in this place I ate lunch too. After that I went to see the football match of my friend, he played far from home, so when we came back home was already seven PM.

To end in the best way the week, the family of my correspondent brought me in a restaurant, its owner was italian, it was very strange for me to speak Italian with a stranger.

When we returned home I had to prepare the luggage.

Sunday 09/06

This morning the meeting for the Italian students was at 10:00am in the schoolyard. Greeting our group mates that had became our new friends was so sad.

After about a three-hour-long travel we reached Geneva where we visited the Jet D’Eau: a huge fountain that has got a 140-meter-tall water jet. Some one of us went to see the jet under it and it was so impressive. But we were a little bit scared because the wind could change direction in every moment and blow the water jet by our side.

In the afternoon we visited the museum of the Red Cross: to my mind it conveys a very strong message and hearing about some reports makes me curl my toes.

In the evening we took our flight at 10:10pm and it was one hour late!!!

When we arrived in Venice we jumped on the school bus that drove us to Cividale. We were all very tired and we slept all the way home.

It was a gorgeous experience that enriched us!

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