It's the final countdown: France, end of the project

Sunday, 2nd June

We met at 5:30 at the Granollers train station, and we took the train at 6:00 a.m.

When we arrived at the airport, we checked in our bags and got onto the plane. At 10:30 we were in Lyon and someone of L' Prats was waiting for us there.

Then we travelled to Cluny where the host families were. Finally we spent all the afternoon with our exchange partner and his/her family.

Monday, 3rd June

On Monday we started school at 9 am. Firstly, the teachers of France welcomed us and gave us a school bag with other presents. Then, we started working on the robots while talking to new people. After that we had breakfast, we ate a typical sweet from Lyon. Then we kept working on the robots and at 12:30 pm we had lunch in the communitarian cantine. After we did an activity with our groups in which we had to learn things about the school La Prat's. When finished it, everyone went to their respective houses.

Tuesday, 4th June

We met all together at La Prat's and took the bus to Lyon. First we stopped in a 3D printers exhibition, which was very interesting, we saw many types of 3D printers and the amazing things which they can build and there also were a lot of free samples of food and pens. After that, we took the bus again and we went to Lyon city. When we arrived, we stopped in a park where we had lunch, the park was so big and there was a beautiful lake. When we finished we took the bus again and we went to the touristic office. There we made groups for the sightseeing tour. I loved that so much, but it was so tiring, we walked a lot. We have visited famous monuments, old houses and a strange but incredible parking. Then, some of the Spanish students and a French boy went to buy some ice-cream and when we finished the ice-cream we went to the bus because we had to return to Cluny. But suddenly, we were held up in a traffic jam and we spent more than 1 hour there. Finally we arrived in Cluny at 19 pm and everybody went home.

Wednesday, 5th June

Today it has been a hard day. We have been working all the morning on our robots and in the afternoon we were supposed to fly by plane to see the beautiful landscape of France but sadly we haven't flown because it was very windy and it wasn't safe enough. We were all frustrated because we wanted to live a new experience and we were very nervous to fly on a little plane. For this reason, we have spent all the afternoon working with our robots, too. The best thing of the day is that at the end of the afternoon, the teachers let us finish earlier, go for a walk around Cluny and have an ice cream there! We have worked a lot today and the best thing is that the flight by plane will finally be tomorrow!

Thursday, 6th June

Today we didn't do any classes. At 8:30 we visited the mayor of Cluny. He said that he was very happy to meet us. Then, at 9:30, we went to fly with a small plane. It was very good fun because when the pilot was high up in the air, he stopped the engine of the small plane and it started to fall. You could experiment zero gravity. It was a very good experience!After that, we went to the cantine to have some lunch at 12:30. At 13:30, we went to visit Cluny, a town with a very interesting history. In Cluny there was a big monastery, but actually it only remains 13 per cent of all the buildings.At 15:30, we went to visit a horse riding centre. The horses were very beautiful and we saw an exhibition! It was a complete day!!!

Friday,7th June

Today was the last day of working and after we had to do the competition. These last hours of working were the most stressful. We wanted that all the programations were perfect but we have a problem: the application for the arm didn't work. Luckily, one hour before the presentations and the final competition, we solved it. Then we had to do the presentations and the circuit. We had to show a year of work in between ten and fifteen minutes. After that, they gave us the prizes. The winner group was number 3 where María and Martina were. We stayed at the town and at seven we went to have dinner with all the families. Afterwards, we played cards with the others. Finally, we said goodbye to the Italian students and we went home.

Saturday, 8th June

On Saturday we spent the day with our host families: Each of us did different activities. For example, I went to the largest adventure park in Europe where we had a lot of fun and we spent the whole day there. Others went to visit a palace, some others went to the swimming pool and the rest to a fun park. In the evening I went to a Reggae Festival with my peer.We stayed there until 2:00 AM. We didn’t get much sleep that night as the following day we had to get up early to catch the plane.

Sunday 9th June

We got up at nine o’clock and went to pick up our packed lunches. We met at the station at eleven fifty and there, we said goodbye to our host families. It was very sad because we had had a lovely time all of us together. We had to take two different trains to reach the airport but we finally got there. We could catch our flight just in time as it was a little delayed and so were we! We arrived at Barcelona airport in the evening and took a train to Granollers where our families were waiting for us. We said goodbye and see you tomorrow to the teachers and that was the end of our week in Cluny, which has been a fantastic experience and we all want to do it again some other time.

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